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Acacia Solid Flooring

Acacia Solid Flooring

Our small leaf Acacia hardwood is crafted from Acacia trees from China and comes in a variety of finishes and styles. The Distressed Solid measures 3/4" x 4-3/4" , and the Smooth is 3/4" x 3-5/8''. The random lengths of the planks brings an energetic warmth to a space while creating a polished yet non-uniformed appearance. Our Acacia solid can be used in residential or high traffic indoor commercial areas and can be installed by nailing down or gluing down at ground level or above.

White Oak Solid

Our White Oak hardwod is sourced from the United States and Germany. It's a perfect way to add value and classic touch to your home. It seamlessly coordiantes with Variety of furniture styles and is dourable and resistant to wear and tear. Our varied collection of White Oak hardwood flooring provides a number of color and style options for upgrading your home.

White Oak Solid

Birch Solid Hardwood

Birch Solid Hardwood

Our Russian Birch hardwood suits a diverse range of tastes and styles. It is visually enhanced by its natural highlights and comes in a variety of lights to dark hues. It is durable and is a great way to elevate any floor plan.

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We have been observing your company with great admiration and would like to extend our products and services to you.

We are a factory direct wholesaler providing high quality, affordable flooring to your business.

Get a totally new look and feel for your home's interior by choosing high-quality hardwood flooring in your choice of wood.

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Our Current Selection Includes:

  • White Oak: Solid and Engineered
  • Birch: Solid and Engineered
  • Acacia: Solid and Engineered
  • Maple: Engineered
  • Make The Flooring the Way You Want It
  • We provide hardwood flooring that you won't get bored with.
  • Easy to maintain, just sweep or damp mop to clean.
  • Safety is our No.1 priority.
  • All products are authorized by FSC.

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EverBright Flooring provides hardwood floors that are designed to reflect natural characters and innovative design styles. EverBright Flooring are crafted with a variety of species and finishes. Our floors stand out for their design flexibility. EverBright hardwood floors are available in the most popular styles like distressed and rustic or unique styles like exotic and specialty.


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